Why is UtherConvention hosting this FanCon? (What’s the catch?)

UtherConvention is the newest business unit of Utherverse.com, an industry leader in Virtual World technology. Utherverse has been in business for 10 years and since the release of the Virtual World Web (VWW) in 2009 there have been more than 70,000 interconnected user generated Virtual Worlds created.

UtherConvention put on its first virtual convention in July 2011 and it was a huge success. Riding that wave, we have decided to continue putting on Virtual Conventions that will draw interest from all over the world.

Because we are WoW enthusiasts, we decided to put on a virtual convention for everyone who loves the game. This show is not associated with Blizzard, it is simply a fan show put on by fans for fans in an unique environment where no one has to pay costly travel or ticket fees.

Just like a real world convention, we make more money by having more Sponsors and Exhibitors. We are making this free to attend so we will attract more attendees, so our Sponsors and Exhibitors will get greater value for their money. We also think there is a synergy between Utherverse and World of Warcraft, so why not let WoW enthusiasts in to check it out!

We want to make this a fun event where you can party and meet lots of WoW users just like yourself.

Is FanCon against Blizzard’s TOS?

No, quite the opposite! Blizzard's TOS do not frown on fans getting together with other fans, or say anything about fans not being able to get together for an online convention. As a company, Blizzard will probably be excited about this celebration of their popular game, and they may even begin to encourage fans to attend! This is a big celebration for WOW, and we expect many of Blizzard's own staff will be interested in attending and partying with their fans. Everyone will enjoy the talks, booths and other events!

Will I be banned for attending Wow Fancon?

No. This is simply a Fan convention put on as a way for fans from all over the world to meet, spend time together, learn more about the fantastic game of World of Warcraft, and get some quality time with experts, players, add-on developers and the whole WOW family. It's a big celebration of the game that we all love! If you're a fan of WOW, you should feel free to come and celebrate your love of the game with us!

What is WoW Fancon?

Wow Fancon is the FIRST ever World of Warcraft FanCon being held entirely in a Virtual World.  This will be the World’s Biggest WoW Gathering.

$150 Blizzard Store Credits and 10 WoW Game Time Cards given away every hour - Register for FREE and you are automatically entered to win!

FanCon will have tons of events, including:
  • Trade Show
  • Speakers
  • Guild Parties
  • Guild Recruitment Events
  • Tournaments
  • Server Parties
And much more. More information.

Is my Guild eligible to be sponsored by Utherverse?

Yes! Utherverse sponsors Guilds of all sizes. Some of the things we cover for our sponsored Guilds include:

FanCon will have tons of events, including:
  • Ventrilo
  • Premium web hosting
  • Utherverse VIP memberships to top Guild members
  • Sponsored events in Utherverse
  • Free booth at FanCon
  • Hosted Guild parties at FanCons

Learn more here or email guilds@wowfancon.com.

How do I get into the convention?

It’s easy. Here’s what you do:

  • Go to the Register page and sign up for a free Utherverse.com account
  • Download the Utherverse software
  • Enter your WoW information to register to attend FanCon (optional), you can register for free without this
  • That’s it! You will receive emails with more information to get you started

How much does it cost?

This convention is free to attend. As we said earlier, we want more attendees so our paying Sponsors and Exhibitors get more value for their sponsorship money.