Speakers for the event

Get Gold Rich Fast
Speaker: Brian Shuster, Utherverse CEO

One of the pioneers of the internet, Mr. Shuster is the inventor of dozens of issued and pending internet technology patents. He created one of the first and most successful free web hosting companies in history, Webjump.com, which he sold to TheGlobe.com in 1999. After creating several other highly successful internet ventures, Mr. Shuster founded Utherverse, Inc. in 2003 to develop a network of interconnected virtual worlds using a common platform. By 2006 the company was expanded to Canada where Shuster continued to innovate in the virtual world space, culminating in the release of the “Virtual World Web” in the fall of 2009. The VWW now boasts more than 60,000 user generated Virtual Worlds operating on a uniform platform and the world’s first 3D Internet browser. Shuster’s pioneering spirit continues as he continues to develop new use cases for the technology.

Mr. Shuster started playing MMOs many years ago, starting with Asheron’s Call. He developed a character using add on software that he helped develop, which led to the creation of TradeBot, and within months his character owned 50% of the wealth of the entire user base.

Mr. Shuster started playing WoW a few years ago and using similar strategies he was able to crack the WoW economy. By using only the proper rules of the game; no gimmicks, NO FARMING and he can teach any player how to make endless Gold.

Speaker: Sam aka Vanguards

Sam aka Vanguards is one of the most established gamers in the arena format. He obtained the "Gladiator" title in season 7 and 8 given only to the top .5% of the arena ladder players. In season 9 he obtained the "Vicious Gladiator" title given only to the players who ranked number 1 in arena. Vanguards, known to be one of the best retribution paladins in the game was the only ret to get 3000+ Ratings in season 8 and 9. He held the title of the highest rated player for months on Arena Junkies in both seasons, and also had the highest rated 3s team in the whole world in season 9 for over a month. Vanguards has been ret through some of the hardest times it was for the spec, and still managed astounding achievements.


Q&A Session host: Roberto Garcia aka Towelliee

Roberto Garcia has been a hardcore gamer for the last 25 years.  He currently plays World of Warcraft and is among the top Tanks in WoW.  Roberto’s passion is gaming and he runs a successful twitch.tv channel and plays everything from WoW to Modern Warfare.  He grew up in the streets and takes his swag and attitude with him wherever he goes.  Quote: I am the most real gamer out there and I keep it real for the fans and the public.  



Gareth Mc Bride

Gareth Von Kallenbach is a syndicated movie & game critic, writer, author and frequent radio guest. His work has appeared in over 60 publications worldwide and he is the creator of the rising entertainment site "Skewed and Reviewed", as well as their quarterly magazine and weekly web tv show.

He has three books of film, game reviews and interviews published and is a well-received and in demand speaker on the convention circuit. Gareth has appeared in movies and is a regular guest on the top rated Seattle morning show as well as their weekly Geek Nation segment. Gareth has also worked in the game industry giving him insider access to the latest industry news. He has created two Star Wars fan films which he wrote and directed and appeared recently in "Love Happens", "Postal", and "Far Cry" and voiced a character in the POSTAL 3 video game. Skewed and Reviewed have just opened their second office and Gareth runs both the Seattle and and AZ offices.